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Bugcle aims at transforming the larva of Tenebrio molitor, as raw material, to obtain products (oil, guano, flour) that have a positive impact on our society and ecosystems.

Biogas DT – Biogroup

Biogas DT (Biogroup) transforms manure, poultry litter, livestock manure, and organic waste from the agri-food industry into biogas using anaerobic digesters.


CADIUCO aims at transforming CO2 from an environmental liability into marketable assets.


CERFO proposes an innovative approach for the recovery and valorization of materials present in silicon solar panels.

CTR Solutions

CTR Solutions aims at promoting the creation of a new business line focused on the design, development, and implementation of solutions that facilitate sustainability in the textile sector.


Equimodal aims...

EcoHelp Waste Management (EWM)

EcoHelp Waste Management (EWM) offers innovative solutions to transform waste from being a source of problems for public administrations, private companies, individuals, and the planet.


Feltwood Ecomateriales offers Circular Economy solutions, developing technologies that allow obtaining industrial materials from vegetal waste.

Green Foundry

Green Foundry has created a disruptive business model that allows us to reduce manufacturing costs by 36% and CO2 emissions by 80% to 85%, while at the same time being able to offer customers a high-tech product at a competitive price and stable that does not depend on the raw material and energy costs of the market.


MONDOTUFTING is a company producing an artificial turf that can be recycled, when returned to the facilities, reducing the amount of virgin raw material used.

RECICLA y suma

RECICLA y suma is a project led by Platasumo. Its objective is to measure the CO2 avoided by APP recyclers and sell it as CO2 compensation bonds. In order to help companies to reach the emission caps, motivate citizens to contribute to the circular economy and reach the minimum targets imposed by the EU in the recycling regulations.

Smart Moss Europe

Smart Moss Europe develops solutions integrating live moss and technology to improve environmental quality in indoor spaces through Circular Economy projects.


Thermowaste has designed a new concept of waste treatment plants to replace landfills with emission-neutral material recovery plants.

Pilot projects video presentation


Meet Oscar Ribas, CEO and founder Thermowaste of founder, hear about Thermowaste offer, perspectives, status, etc.


Meet Javier Luis, founder and CEO of BugCle Bioindustrias, a start-up transforming mealworm into food of high nutritional value.


Meet Oscar Longares, co-founder of Feltwood, a start-up obtaining industrial materials from vegetal waste.


Meet Jesus Alijarde, CEO of CERFO, a company recovering materials present in silicon solar panels.

RECiCLA y Suma

Meet Alicia Oros, Director of Recicla y Suma, a start up that provides an app for measuring carbon footprints, delivers compensation certificates to businesses and that motivates citizens by rewarding for recycling.

Biogas DT

Meet Paul S. Nikitovich, CEO of BIOgroup Investments, a company that proposes a master solution to remove methane gas pollutions from pigs farms, transforming it into biogas and refining its use for local vehicle fleets.

Green Foundry

Meet Verónica Fernandez, Co-Founder and CEO of Green Foundry, a company focused in manufacturing high-tech parts by creating a next-generation, fully sustainable metallurgical industry.