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Bugcle aims at transforming the larva of Tenebrio molitor, as raw material, to obtain products (oil, guano, flour) that have a positive impact on our society and ecosystems.


Feltwood Ecomateriales offers Circular Economy solutions, developing technologies that allow obtaining industrial materials from vegetal waste.

Smart Moss Europe

Smart Moss Europe develops solutions integrating live moss and technology to improve environmental quality in indoor spaces through Circular Economy projects.


Thermowaste has designed a new concept of waste treatment plants to replace landfills with emission-neutral material recovery plants.

Pilot projects video presentation


Meet Oscar Ribas, CEO and founder Thermowaste of founder, hear about Thermowaste offer, perspectives, status, etc.


Meet Javier Luis, founder and CEO of BugCle Bioindustrias, a start-up transforming mealworm into food of high nutritional value.


Meet Oscar Longares, co-founder of Feltwood, a start-up obtaining industrial materials from vegetal waste.