The 7th consortium meeting took place online on the 19th of September where several topics have been addressed:

Latest updates from Celia García Anzano, managing director of CEEIARAGON and Geraldine Quetin, project manager at GAC Group. Also the next milestones and deliverables were presented.

 The second part of the meeting was about WP6 Project Management by CEEIARAGON and GAC Group. Next, Charlotte Alcouffe from GAC talked about WP5 Maximizing impact. 

In the third part of the meeting, Celia Garcia from CEEIARAGON explained the status of WP3 Investment Pathways. Then, Joanna from EBN talked about WP4 Replicability at EU level. Finally, Lucas from AITIIP explained the status of WP2 Preparation of circular economy projects.

Finally, Geraldine Quetin thanked everyone and closed the meeting.