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The CCRI Coordination and Support Office is pleased to invite you to the 5th CCRI webinar on on Funding: Navigating the funding landscape  that will be held online on the 22nd of June (13:00-14:30 CET – Brussels time). 

In this first CCRI webinar on funding, we are going to explore the funding landscape in order to get a better understanding of its diversity. The webinar will start with an introduction of different funding/financing instruments and their applicability for different circular economy projects. This first part will also introduce the various types of funders that are active and will discuss the differences among them.

Hereafter the focus shifts to the perspective of the funder. Three different funding organisations will talk about the objectives of their funding programmes and will explain how they look at (circular economy) projects. What assessment and evaluation criteria do they apply and why? What are their objectives and within what constraints do they operate?

This event is the fifth of a series of webinars offered to CCRI Pilots, Fellows, and other interested city/region representatives to encourage the exchange of information around selected circular economy related topics. They are organised at regular intervals – check out our online calendar !

A draft agenda and registration link will follow shortly.

Should you have any question related to this event, please send an email to CCRI-CSO-Communications@ecorys.com


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