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2022 European Week Regions and Cities

  • Start: 12/10/2022 – End: 12/10/2022

  • Online

  • EBN

Interest / Relevance: The session will focus on how Open and Responsible R&I approaches can shape sustainable and inclusive regional smart specialisation strategies to better meet territorial needs and exploit available resources by mobilising a wide range of societal actors.

2022 EBN TechCamp

  • Start: 19/10/2022 – End: 20/10/2022

  • Sežana, Slovenia

  • EBN

Interest / Relevance: The event brings together business support experts, thought leaders, and skilled innovation practitioners to enable peer-learning and access experts’ insights on the future of innovation.

Advanced Manufacturing

  • Start: 19/10/2022- End: 19/10/2022

  • Madrid

  • Aitiip

Interest / Relevance: Mostly networking & learning about capacities/innovative projects

Emprendimiento Circular: una necesaria oportunidad para proyectos empresariales

  • Start: 25/10/2022– End: 25/10/2022

  • Teruel (Aragón), SP


  • CEEI Aragon

Interest / Relevance: The session will focus on the role of design, entrepreneurship and innovation in the Circular Economy and It let us to meet experiences of circular entrepreneurship and innovation. Networking & identification of posible stakeholders/target industries/projects

Smart City Expo World Congress

Interest / Relevance: Get info about territories active in CE


  • Start: 17/11/2022 – End: 17/11/2022

  • Zaragosa

  • Aitiip

Interest / Relevance: Networking & identification of possible stakeholders/target industries/projects

European Bioplastic Forum

  • Start: 06/12/2022 – End: 07/12/2022

  • Berlin – Online

  • Aitiip, consortium

Interest / Relevance: We are planning to participate with a paper. Maybe it is interesting for the consortium (any member) to attend face 2 face…

SETAC 2023

  • Start: 30/04/2023 – End: 04/05/2023

  • Dublin, IRL

  • ULEI

Interest / Relevance: The overarching theme of the events is “Data-driven environmental decision-making“ for protection and restoration of the environment”.

ISIE 2023

  • Start: 03/07/2023 – End: 07/07/2023

  • Leiden, NL

  • ULEI

Interest / Relevance: This event focuses on the contribution of industrial ecology to analysis, design and implementation of transformation of energy and resource systems at different scale levels.