A significant milestone has been reached in the RESOURCE project: we have now finalized the successful completion of the pilot project selection process, among two rigorous selection phases. Out of 24 impressive proposals, a total of 13 projects have been chosen, based on their potential impact, innovation, and alignment with the circular economy principles.  

We can now embark on an exciting new phase: the development of comprehensive business plans. These plans will serve as crucial roadmaps, outlining the strategies, financial projections, and operational frameworks for each pilot project. The primary objective is to create robust business models that not only contribute to the circular economy in Aragon but also attract potential investors. To ensure the success and viability of these business plans, we are fortunate to have the support and expertise of specialists from the RESOURCE Project, that includes trainers, partners and the Advisory Board Member, providing guidance and assistance to accurately complete and validate the plans.  

Following the completion and validation of the business plans, the next step will be the development of pitch decks, emphasizing their unique value propositions, market opportunities, and growth potential. They will play a pivotal role in initiating negotiations with investors, as we seek to secure the necessary funding and strategic partnerships. 

We have already started fruitful discussions with potential investors and will pursue even more deeply in the coming months.