CEEIARAGON and RESOURCE partners have organized the first RESOURCE Investors Experts’ Committee e-meeting on October 31 2023.

Among its objectives this committee of experts aims to identify and characterize the critical investors’ needs and to understand their motivations for investing in a circular economy project. This committee gathers 9 investors from all over Europe, with some of them having a circular economy focus and others with a more general profile.

The first session’s objective was to understand investor’s criteria when getting specifically circular economy candidates, and how to boost private investment into this type of businesses.

The main key take-aways of this session were:

  • One key is to adapt to the market needs (e.g. get used to answering tenders because there are big opportunities, and supply calls)
  • They also need to look for partners (to be stronger)
  • Impact investing is not philanthropy and can provide high RoI’s (when scalable, ambitious, with an international vision)
  • Understanding the legal framework is key (EU and national)
  • Have a clear picture of the value and service we provide
  • Matching the type of industry with type of funding is another key: align to whom you present the project (CVCs vs BA or family offices, generalists vs focused funds, etc.)
  • Investors invest primarily in people, with also a good strategy, a clear idea, transparency and a good business plan
  • Investors who have not moved to this specific topic it will be too difficult to attract (as there is no standard of due diligence, when it comes to new models, it takes much more time…)

The next session will be planned mid December. Stay tuned!!