The Department of Economy, Planning and Employment will soon publish the 2023 call for its circular economy R&D grants. This week the Official Gazette of Aragon (BOA) has published its new regulatory bases that, in addition to incorporating the co-financing with ERDF funds, include the possibility of subsidizing investments aimed at achieving a more efficient and sustainable production and not only industrial research or experimental development projects. This year the budget will reach eight million euros, in two calls of four million, and until 2029 a minimum of 24 million euros has been set for the annual calls of this line.

There will be two types of subsidies. On the one hand, the subsidies for investment in circular economy will be aimed at investments that allow adapting or improving the productive process of the beneficiary companies to achieve the objectives of the circular economy, such as waste reduction or optimization of production processes; and on the other hand, the R&D subsidies will be aimed at projects that contain experimental development and/or industrial research in this same area.

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