On the 20th of October 2023 at 12:00 am will take place the next ANCES Academy webinar, open for RESOURCE members and for the general public.

This time our speaker will be María Sanz de Galdeano and she will be talking about “Creation of High Impact Companies”.

María Sanz de Galdeano, Managing Director of CEIN, European Business and Innovation Center of Navarra, a leading entity in entrepreneurship and innovation. She was the general coordinator of CEIN  in the previous 10 years. She has been a co-founding partner of two digital startups.

Very committed to female leadership, she is a mentor for AMEDNA (Association of Business Women of Navarra) and other similar associations.

In the teaching field, she was an associate university professor at the Public University of Navarra and a columnist for years in the digital newspaper Diario de Navarra writing articles on entrepreneurship, innovation and digitalization. She is an economist with senior management programs at business schools, such as MIT and Instituto de Empresa.

Objective of the session: Present High Impact Entrepreneurship as a CEIN Navarra strategy and actions deployed.

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