RESOURCE team members attended the second “ANCES ACADEMY” webinar, held on June 16th and dedicated to business support experts, focusing on the new Law of Startups in Spain.

Alvaro Simón de Blas, as President of ANCES -National Association of CEEIs of Spain- moderated the session, along with three guest speakers:  

  • Javier Martin Fernandez- Managing Partner of F&J Martín Abogados -Professor of Financial and Tax Law at the Complutense University of Madrid. 
  • Fernando Anaya Martin -Lawyer and Economist at F&J Martín Abogados 
  • Eduardo Ferreiro Freire -Lawyer at F&J Martín Abogados 

In this webinar attendees learnt about Spain’s new startup law, how it aims to simplify administrative procedures and provides advantages to facilitate the creation and growth of startups in the country. Some of the key points of the law include a special startup visa to attract international talent, tax exemption, access to specialized public financing and simplified administrative procedures. In addition, the law also offers benefits for teleworkers and digital nomads, facilitating the process of obtaining residence permits.  

The law is expected to encourage an innovative entrepreneurial spirit and make Spain one of the most attractive countries for the creation of startups. 

This webinar was attended by 40 participants.