On the 18th of July, the 1st Advisory Board meeting of RESOURCE took place online. It gathered RESOURCE partners (GAC, AITIIP, EBN, University of Leuden, ANCES, Government of Aragon and CEEI Aragon) and the Board members including Elena Rico, Fernando Moroy, Javier Artiach and Svetlana Klessova. The primary aim of this meeting was to discuss and exchange with the Board Members about the RESOURCE project and to meet them. It was also the opportunity to gather feedbacks and recommendations from directly from them.

The discussions focused on the outlook of the selected RESOURCE pilots, the 13th selected pilots, and on the importance of presenting a good VC pitch deck that is key to raise the interest of investors.

Svetlana Klessova, Chair of the ENRICH GLOBAL

RESOURCE is an absolutely unique initiative. It’s not easy to attract investment into circular economy projects. ENRICH GLOBAL would like to help you get great results, replicate and multiply the successful methodologies not only in Europe, but also beyond….I am the President-elect of ENRICH GLOBAL, and that’s exactly my interest to be an Advisory Board member of RESOURCE, to help in replication of your successful methodologies beyond Europe.

Eléna RICO, Managing Partner at IMPACT Partners Iberica

I am supporting RESOURCE because it’s of our responsibility, as investors, to help all the ecosystem navigating the first stage of the project because it’s quite hard to start, and if we don’t support those initiatives, they’ll never reach success and in the end, we’ll never be able to invest in robust companies.