As previously announced RESOURCE project organized a side event at the Transfiere Forum entitled “RESOURCE INVEST EU: presentation of the first round of promising pilot projects in Circular Economy in Aragon” on March 20th. During this session, after a short presentation about RESOURCE by their Spanish partners: Government of Aragon, CEEI Aragon and ANCES; the floor was taken by the 7 most promising selected project as pilots by RESOURCE consortia to present their Pitches in front a selected group of investors.

As already explained in a previous post, Transfiere, European Forum for Science, Technology and Innovation, held its 13th edition from March 20 to 22 in FYCMA (Trade Fair and Congress Center of Malaga). The Transfiere Forum has supported the sharing of scientific and technological knowledge, connecting the Spanish R&D&I ecosystem with the global environment and linking science and business.

The presentation of the Resource project and Pilot Projects Pitches was conducted by Miguel Angel Comín, RESOURCE Coordinator in CEEIARAGON, that gave the word to the different representatives of RESOURCE Pilots:

  • Bugcle Bioindustrias S.L., its CEO Javier Luis Bail presented their value proposition at transforming the larva of Tenebrio molitor, as raw material, to obtain products (oil, flour) that have a positive impact on our society and ecosystems. They have developed a very smart go-to-market strategy in a first phase focusing in a biopolymer obtained from the flour for bioplastics and pharmaceutical sector.
  • CERFO, European Photovoltaic Recycling Center, S.L. Jesus Alijarde, CEO, explained company value proposition as an innovative approach for the recovery and valorisation of materials present in silicon solar panels. They combine a mechanical pre-treatment to separate glass and aluminium, and an innovative thermic treatment to separate the silicon cells that increase the price of this cells back as parts/components for the manufacturing of new solar panels.
  • EcoHelp Tecnologie S.L. Federico Gan explained their innovative solutions to transform waste from being a source of problems for public administrations, private companies, individuals, and the planet. They started as a company 6 years ago selling the equipment they use now and evolved that equipment to develop specific treatments for biowaste, for example, they get CaCO3 for the chemist industry from egg shells from the agroindustry.
  • Feltwood Ecomateriales S.L., its CEO, Carmelo Heras, explained how Feltwood develops technologies that allow obtaining industrial materials from vegetal waste, and how they are providing new materials from packaging industry to automotive or toy industry.
  • Green Foundry Castillonroy, S. L. Pedro Sierra, Co-founder & CEO, presented a disruptive business model, that could fit Product-As-A-Services business model, for the steelmaking industry, that allows them to reduce manufacturing costs by 36% and CO2 emissions by 80% to 85%, while at the same time being able to offer customers a high-tech product at a competitive price and stable that does not depend on the raw material and energy costs of the market.
  • PLATASUMO, Plataforma de Decisión por Consumo S.L., CEO and Founder, José Luis Oros, introduced its value proposition as Digital processing of citizen recycling, for the sale of Carbon Footprint Compensation Certificates. They have an innovative approach through an App by providing perks in cash to citizens for their daily recycling. The technology behind the App certifies the location and time of each recycling, calculate the saving of Carbon emission, aggregates in a Token to sell it to entities that want or have to compensate their CO2 emissions.
  • Smart Moss Europe, S.L., Cristian García, CEO and Founder, talked about company solutions integrating live moss and technology to improve environmental quality in indoor spaces. They focused their go-to-market strategy in the B2B for office building, hotels, shops, etc. later on B2C for residential sectors.