This is the second time this year that the partners have met face-to-face to exchange views and discuss the various project activities. This second edition took place in Sophia Antipolis, in the premises of one of the partners, GAC Group, on November 30th and  December 1st.

On the first day, the partners were welcomed in Sophia’s Fab Lab with a little surprise. A Fab Lab (fabrication laboratory) is a small-scale workshop offering people access to different tools/machines to work on a (personal) project. in the first part of the session, partners shared on the progress of their activities and progress.

An intermediary part of the session was dedicated to a team building activity where two teams were set up with inter-dependencies, to build racing boats in recycling material. It was a great way to strengthen internal cohesion for collaborative work while having a good time together. Of course, the gentle race took place in the evening on the Antibes beach.

The second day was devoted to impact maximization, including communication activities to date and in the coming months, reviewing the RESOURCE value proposition and surfing on the co-creation workshop on exploitation held on 7 November 2023, and in particular the lessons learned from this session and the recommendations made by external participants to strengthen RESOURCE’s support offer.