Pilot project selected to match with Investors and signing of contracts, enter a new phase within RESOURCE road map for next year 2024.

One of the main lessons learned during the first half of RESOURCE has been that the Pilots selected are very heterogeneous, and each of them needs some tailored support within the RESOURCE service package initially defined.

Looking at their economic activity we find Pilots focused on quite different sectors or Circular Economy (CE) subsectors, up to 7 different sectors among 10 Pilots:

  • Bio energy production: Biogas DT – Biogroup
  • Insect farming: Bugcle.
  • Waste Management: CERFO focused on silicon solar panels, EcoHelp Waste Management focused on bio waste materials, and Thermowaste dealing mostly with urban waste.
  • Manufacturing: Green Foundry.
  • Recycling booster: RECiCLA y suma.
  • Health and Wellbeing: Smart Moss Europe working on Natural Air Filtering
  • CO2 Management: CADIUCO CO2 Capture

These pilots will need different market approaches to build their “Go to market” strategies and finding the most appropriate channels.

RESOURCE’s Pilots segmentation should also be made following other criteria:

  • Size: we can find from Solo entrepreneurs to Micro companies (less than 10 persons) to SME.
  • Maturity: some companies behind the pilots are in the MVP phase, some are more advanced already in the Market.
  • Experience: teams developing those Pilots include young researcher and engineers as well as 20+ years’ experienced business professionals.
  • Technology base: some companies are developing their own technology while others are third parties’ technologies licensees.

As it can be seen, these criteria suggest different Pilot segmentations to efficiently support them in their fundraising pathways to attract Investors and grow to the expected success.