RESOURCE team is designing benchmarking initiative to collect feedback, both on the project itself and on its selected pilots, and also to offer tailored coaching to the pilot projects. To this end, 3 rounds of actions are planned and explained below.

Round 1: RESOURCE focus – Benchmarking and Methodology Improvement

EBN Congress Session

The first step in the benchmarking process will take place at the EBN Congress in June 2024. This session will be a separate meeting where the RESOURCE project, along with its developed draft methodology, will be presented to a selected group of EBN members, some of whom were part of the Best Practice Knowledge Sharing Session. The objectives will be to present the RESOURCE project and its draft methodology and gather feedback and recommendations from EBN members. Find more about the event HERE.

Online Follow-Up

In September, a follow-up session will be conducted online to present the revised methodology. This session will involve a broader audience of experts who will provide further feedback and recommendations. The objective will be to present the revised methodology and validate the improvements and integrate additional suggestions. Activities within the event will include a presentation of the updated methodology, receiving experts’ feedback, and incorporating the final set of recommendations to finalize the methodology.


Round 2: Pilots focus – Strengths, Weaknesses Analysis, and Tailored Coaching

The second round will focus on the pilot projects and involve three full days of working sessions in Aragon, designed to conduct a detailed SWOT analysis and offer tailored coaching for the pilot projects. The objectives will be to conduct a 360-degree assessment of each project and subsequently provide tailored coaching based on the identified needs.


  • Day 1: 10 projects will pitch their initiatives, followed by a comprehensive assessment.
  • Days 2-3: Each SME will undergo a 2.5-hour session with two experts (one technical and one business expert) who will perform the SWOT analysis and provide a roadmap for further development. They will offer their expert assessments and tailored recommendations and develop a comprehensive report for each SME. Follow-Up Coaching: Additional online coaching sessions will be planned to ensure continuous support.


Round 3: Pilots focus – Pitching Techniques and Financing Insights

Special Sessions on Financing and Pitching

The final round will focus on enhancing the pitching abilities of the pilot projects participants and providing insights into various sources of financing. Moreover, a workshop will be held in June 2024 in Aragon, covering financing sources/ cascade funding. It will be followed by 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions by Spanish-speaking experts who will conduct individual sessions to further explain financing options in cascade funding.


The RESOURCE project’s benchmarking initiative is designed to ensure that it not only aligns with but also builds upon EU best practices. Through structured sessions, expert feedback, and tailored coaching, RESOURCE aims to enhance its methodologies and outcomes. By learning from and integrating the best practices from leading EU projects and key experts, RESOURCE aims  to achieve its goals in designing support methodologies for circular economy projects.