Resource partners made their way to Zaragoza, Spain, on June 5-6 for a pivotal meeting to discuss the project’s progress and chart the next steps for their pilot projects. The event was complemented  by a dinner organized by the Government of Aragon, which fostered a productive atmosphere to kick off of the two-day event.

RESOURCE partners met in Zaragoza, welcomed by CEEIARAGON and GoA teams. Two mornings focused on RESOURCE monitoring and progress with an internal workshop on day 2 dedicated to finetuning the RESOURCE methodology including the preparation of upcoming events devoted to benchmarking and refining this methodology with Circular Economy peers and to attract potential multipliers. The two main events to come are the RESOURCE participation at the EBN Congress in Nantes – 12-14 June and the coming 5 Benchmarking rounds that will be bootstrapped in July.

On June 5th afternoon an insightful workshop on Cascade Funding was organized by RESOURCE partners, operated by Sploro, specifically dedicated to pilot project founders, followed by fruitful one-on-one meetings with RESOURCE and Sploro experts; for individual feedback and advice.

A major takeaway for the pilot projects was the emphasis on building a robust local value chain and fostering collaboration within their districts. The one-on-one sessions further delved into their strategies, equipping them with recommendations for their ventures, sharing contacts for advisory board members and experts to support their strategy thinking.